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Indonesian factory manufacturing results




NC 1/4-20~NC 1/2-13

NF 7/8-14

※ From Indonesian manufacturing record size list.

Single chamfer (one side) nuts, Double chamfer (both sides) nuts, Thin type (low) nuts, Small type nuts, Flange type nuts, Cap type nuts, Weld type nuts, other special shaped nuts


SS400 or equivalent [ = Low Carbon Steel], S45C (Heat-Treated) [ = High Carbon Steel (H.T.)], SCM435 (Heat-Treated) [ = Alloy Steel (H.T.)], SUS304 or equivalent [ = Stainless Steel 304 (A2)], Titanium, SUS316L or SUS316 [ = Stainless Steel 316 (A4)], Brass (BSBM),

※ Other special materials。


Trivalent Yellow Zinc , Trivalent Black Zinc , Chrome Plating


Motorcycle , construction , equipment Factory , etc.


  • Hex Single Chamfer

  • Hex Double Chamfer

  • Hex Thin Type

  • Small Type

  • Cap Type

  • Flange Type

  • Weld Type

  • Whit Threads

  • Unified Threads

Frequently Asked Questions


About the product

  • Is it possible to manufacture sizes and materials that are not included within the size lineup?

    Yes, it can be done. We will take into account the manufacturing range and scope of capability of the equipment from the Indonesian factory.


About surface treatment

  • "What kind of surface treatments are available in Indonesia?

    We provide the surface coating process, such as trivalent yellow zinc, trivalent black zinc, and chrome plating. if you have other requests such as electro glavanis and others, please feel free to contact us.


About purchasing and prices

  • What should I do if I make a purchase within Indonesia?

    Please feel free to contact us after confirming the desired shape, material, surface treatment, and quantity.

  • What is the price of a "U-nut".

    Please feel free to contact us in this regard, as it depends on the item and quantity.

  • Is it possible to make a purchase of a small amount?

    In-stock Items can be purchased.

  • Is it possible to make a purchase from outside of Indonesia?

    It will be available for purchase.
    We will guide you after asking you about the area in which you want to purchase.



  • Do you have CAD data?

    You can download it by registering as a user from the homepage.
    Click here to download CAD data.

  • Do you have an English catalog?

    It is in progress. Please contact us.

  • Is it possible to manufacture processed nuts other than U-NUT?

    We will consider it. After checking the appropriate samples and drawings, we will reply in regards to whether or not it can be manufactured.