Environmental Principles

Our company, as a principle of environmental vision, realizes that the safety of the earth’s environment is the most important thing.
Our company will contribute to society’s obligations to maintain the safety of the earth’s environment and maintain the aspirations of the next generation.

Environmental Policy

  1. Try to maintain and improve the environment, save energy and reduce waste material.
  2. Maintain the environment by complying with regulations, customer requests, or other requests regarding the environment.
  3. Setting targets in accordance with business activity requirements, controlling and reviewing.
  4. Continuously improve the environmental management system with periodic audits and management reviews, to improve environmental performance.
  5. This environmental policy is documented and socialized to employees.

Launching Website !

On April 1, 2021 PT. Fuji Seimitsu Indonesia has launched website. With superior products, namely FUJILOK U-NUT and Special Forging.

Healthy Worker Gymnastic

In an effort to support Covid-19 prevention and control programs in the workplace, as well as creating a culture of healthy living, a safe, productive workplace and adapting to new habitual conditions, our company implements healthy worker exercise before carrying out work activities.