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FUJILOK U-NUT that built up a lot of trust and achievement for over 50 years since the birth. It is active in all industries ranging from steel structures such as railways and bridges to automobiles, motorcycles and industrial machinery. No matter how harsh the use environment is, the FUJILOK U-NUT which is required for safety and peace of mind is the definitive version of the lock nut which continues to evolve in terms of durability, vibration resistance, etc. as well as locking performance.

Product description and features for FUJILOK U-NUT

・Provides a stable locking function.
・Prevents nuts from quickly coming off even if the axial force is lowered.
・An all-metal product that has excellent resistance to heat and low temperatures.
・Easy tightening prevents installation mistakes.

Product description and features for FINE U-NUT

・Machining keyway on shaft is unnecessary.
・Lock washer is unnecessary and prevented the forgotten of fold.
・Expert skill of assembling is unnecessary.